More than $3 MILLION RAISED TOWARD THE HIGH SCHOOL RENOVATION and center for advanced professional studies (caps) program

The Ladue Education Foundation & Alumni Association (LEF) brings together a community united in its belief in the mission and importance of public education. Through outreach efforts to alumni and the general community, the LEF provides grants to support world-class academic and enrichment programs for Ladue School District staff and students. In addition, the LEF’s many activities and programs for alumni help grow and reinforce a strong network of dedicated individuals who are committed to the present and the future of the district and its  students.

Through private funding, the LEF incubates initiatives and projects, and contributes to student and teacher development in three areas that align with the district’s strategic plan:

Advancing excellence in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)—LEF grants in STEAM prepare students for a global environment; inspire experiential learning and critical thinking; increase student access to tools, resources, and business/community learning partnerships; support innovative teaching and best practices; and foster collaboration across disciplines to generate bold ideas.

Contributing to overall district excellence—LEF grants to promote overall excellence focus on high-quality teaching and learning; creating and maintaining an optimal learning environment; and educating the whole child.

Engaging and strengthening our communities—LEF communications and events keep the community informed about the LEF’s impact on the school district, create ties with and support other district organizations, and promote strong relationships with alumni and volunteers.

The mission of the Ladue Education Foundation & Alumni Association is to advance the excellence of the Ladue School District and enhance its legacy by expanding opportunities for student success. We join philanthropy with public education to bring together a community, provide world-class academic and enrichment programs, and promote connections for Ladue Schools alumni.


We are you. . . parents and neighbors, alumni and teachers, community and business leaders who keep the Ladue School District and the entire community strong by investing in our greatest resource – our children. Our volunteer board is supported by an Executive Director and dozens of dedicated volunteers.


The LEF is strongly focused on advancing the educational success of all students, in all grades, with all ability levels. As a result, the efforts of the LEF support the Ladue School District’s vision:

“Together, we will empower every student to become a passionate learner and achieve his or her highest potential.”


The Ladue School District will always continue to fund the educational requirements of the state. In addition, the district goes beyond these requirements to meet the standards set forth by the district’s Strategic Plan. However, budget realities do not allow the district to fund or pilot every program that holds promise. Similarly, the parent organizations of individual school buildings play a valuable role in providing additional resources to students and staff. However, their focus is on the practical needs of their building, not on the advancement of education in the district as a whole

The Ladue Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.