The Ladue Education Foundation and Alumni Association's Annual Community Breakfast was held at the Hilton Frontenac on Oct. 6, marking the 11th year of the LEF's work providing academic and enrichment opportunities for Ladue Schools students and connections for Ladue Schools alumni.

Keynote speaker Jerome Gregory, Ladue Horton Watkins High School class of 2013, gave a dynamic and moving appeal about the importance of community, praising the Ladue School District for its continued work in educating and producing leaders who will be change agents as they go out into the world to join other communities. “Every community needs a champion,” he said. Jerome is a nationally-recognized speaker and speechwriter who has won numerous awards and was named tournament champion in the Individual Sweepstakes at the 2015 American Forensic Association’s National Individual Events Tournament.

The LEF honored Coach Phil Brusca at the breakfast, presenting him with a plaque to acknowledge his contribution to the district. Coach Brusca, 90, spent 25 years as Track and Field Coach at LHWHS. He also has a citywide track and field event in his name, has coached an Olympic Medal winner, and has been inducted into the Missouri Coaches Hall of Fame and the U.S. Track and Field Masters Hall of Fame. Coach Brusca was also presented with a copy of 1983 alumnus Michael Currinder’s book, Running Full TiltThe novel, Currinder's book, features a character inspired by Coach Brusca.

Some of the highlights of the event, as always, were the presentations by students, from first grade to twelfth grade, who told guests how LEF grants enrich their educational experiences. They spoke about the impact of getting to safely watch the total solar eclipse with glasses funded by the LEF, and Advanced Placement Psychology students shared their excitement over getting to dissect sheep brains at Saint Louis University. Ladue Middle School Social Studies teacher Quentin Alimayu gave a presentation about the impact of the Google Expeditions grant, which allows the incorporation of virtual reality technology in the classroom.

See the slideshow created for Phil Brusca HERE and watch an excerpt from Jerome Gregory's speech HERE


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