Corporate and Community Partnerships

We thank our corporate and community partners for their contributions to help support LEF. Their generous support helps foster extraordinary learning opportunities for Ladue School students.

Wells Fargo Advisors’ WFA Gives 2015

The Journey to the Unseen Microworld grant was made possible by the generous support of Wells Fargo Advisors. This pilot program establishes the use of twelve microscopes with a cart to allow students to see the microscopic world, helping to get them excited about science. The microscopes can be used by every classroom teacher in the school for specific science strands, reaching all children.

Green Schools Partnership with MOBOT

Since 2014, the Missouri Botanical Garden has partnered with the LEF to help Ladue Middle School students find ways to make the school more sustainable. 350 seventh grade students have participated in the Green Schools Program, performing energy and waste audits of the LMS facilities and developing action projects that used the data to improve the school’s environmental impact. With the help of teachers such Colleen Diebel, students implemented projects like planning a pollinator garden, pairing recycling bins with every trash can in the building, creating new signage around the building to encourage energy conservation and recycling procedures, and gaining permission for a schoolwide composting program.

Students presented their findings to the school board on improvements to make schools more “green.”  MO Botanical Garden also provided advice and support to Ladue Early Childhood Center for a teacher grant project  to build a garden.

Washington University: Special Events

A career guidance workshop entitled “Skills for Success in a Global Environment” was held with an illustrious panel of Washington University faculty and industry panelists including Ladue alumni.  Interactive participation by more than 100 parents and students with the panel made the session a tremendous success.

Monsanto Company: Robotics Program

This program facilitated hands-on delivery of science, technology, engineering and math concepts.  Ladue Team RAMBUNCTION participated in their inaugural FIRST Robotics Competition in Cincinnati, OH, April 6-7, 2013. This team also won the Rookie Inspiration Award in the 2012 semi-finals in St. Louis.

KMOV & Weatherbug Corporation

Along with a grant for $2000, LEF supported a grant to use a state-of-the-art weather station and real-time weather data to involve every member of the Ladue community in the development of STEM skills.

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center:  Mentoring program

– When do you expect to see algae fuels or any other prominent biofuels becoming as prevalent as energy staples like gasoline?

– Danforth does a lot of biofortification. Has there been any success with increasing the protein content of crops?

– What is the structure of a water cell? Is there an exact answer to this fundamental question?

– When you change DNA in a plant to increase the protein, wouldn’t the plant’s immune system attack itself?

These are just a few of the questions generated by our students who were selected to participate in the Danforth/Ladue E-Mentoring program.  This program is designed to offer an opportunity for our students to nurture the natural curiosity they have in science, by connecting with Danforth scientists who can assist them in pursuing their interests.  Mentoring includes the following: lab visits, literature research, shadowing scientists.

Contact us about a partnership or for more information.