Giving Tuesday has passed, but our campaign is ongoing! Donations still appreciated!

This year, we are highlighting the physical education program in the Ladue School District. Did you know that our district is one of the few in the country that still offers daily P.E. for students? P.E. sustains students' healthy growth and development, helps relieve stress and anxiety for children of all ages, and enhances students' ability to concentrate and maintain focus by improving neural connections in the brain. 

Our goal is to raise $1,000 for each school in the Ladue School District, for a total of $8,000. An angel donor who believes in the importance of P.E. for student health has pledged $1,000 in matching funds, but we need your help! Your donation will have a huge impact; we plan to combine the $8,000 with funds raised at Innovation Celebration: Sports Edition, our annual spring event, to enhance the P.E. programs at all Ladue Schools. (Innovation Celebration will also support all of our sports teams, which have grown from the strong foundation of curricular physical education, as well as the LEF's grant program. More details to come!)

Please mark your calendar for Innovation Celebration: Sports Edition, on April 12, 2019. 

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Giving Tuesday 2018 Donors

Nicole Alexander
Alison Berger
Jeff & Jeri Bernstein '84 Bogard
Amy Boltzman
Andy & Donna Bresler
Alan & Laurel Burke
Joy Chen
Eric Christner '77 & Kim Dunbar '78
Ron & Betsy Kaplan Cytron '77
Susan Downing
Adrian Edgerton
Jacqueline Fairchild
Kim Gamel
Charles & Sarah Gerding
Bill & Michelle Hawkins
Sherrie & Jonathan Hodgins
Mariya Ivanova
Katherine Kilo
Paul & Kathy Lang
Hong Luo
John & Glorian McGuire
David & Kelly Minifie
Robert '87 & Jodi Minkler
Jorge A. & Anna Molina
Geoffrey Morris
Katy Zachritz Mullins '66
Katie Otto
Tammie Pisarkiewicz
Tonia Raichle
R.E.A. Homes, LLC
Dr. Frank Robbins & Carol Weisman '67
Daniel Roberts
Howard & Marissa Rosen
Shane & Christine Schultz
Glen & Julie Schuster
Anthony Shen
Leslee Silverman Small '66
Danny & Jennifer Growe Soshnik '00
Thaddeus & Julie Stappenbeck
Reema Syed
David & Ann Von Allmen
Kerri Wetzel
Kristen Wild
Zhuohui Yang