Grants Awarded

11 YEARS—130+ grants totaling more than $580,000

The LEF is proud to help foster innovation, create meaningful change, and prepare students for a global economy through our LEF Grant Program.

How do we decide which grants to fund? Check out our GRANT AWARD FLOWCHART!


Black History 101 Mobile Museum
Thanks to this grant, the Mobile Museum, a collection of 7,000 artifacts dating from the trans-Atlantic slave trade to popular hip-hop culture, will be displayed on the Ladue School District campus for three days and teacher training will be held on the use of artifacts in curriculum.

Everyone, Learn Electronics!
This program created and led by LHWHS students teaches technology concepts to the elderly community so they can maintain social connections within and outside their families and access sources of intellectual stimulation. The program includes an updatable website.

Eye See Me Library Diversification (Year 2)
Classroom libraries for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students across the district now have a selection of books that feature characters and story lines that reflect the cultures of students of color.

Insights into the Holocaust from a Survivor
This grant, funded in collaboration with Clayton School District, provides Ladue School District the rights to the documentary “Big Sonia,” which details Sonia Warshawski’s past and current life as a Holocaust survivor. The district will host a community showing of “Big Sonia.” A Q&A session will follow with the film’s directors (Clayton alumna Leah Warshawski and her husband, Todd Soliday) and Sonia Warshawski’s two daughters, Regina Kort and Debbie Warshawski (a St. Louis native).

Musical Instruments (Year 2)
The purchase of loaner instruments for the district ensures that all interested students can join the band or orchestra, regardless of family circumstances.

Visit by Best-Selling Author
Best-selling author and National Book Award finalist Ibi Zoboi spoke about her novel American Street to LHWHS English classes and to a small group of students and teachers during a luncheon. In sharing her life story as an immigrant and her views on how life can inform art, Ms. Zoboi invited students to find validation in their own stories.


Breakout - Escape Room
Breakout EDU games are an effective tool for teaching students to solve complex problems by working collaboratively in small groups with their peers.

Classics Resource Center
This grant, funded jointly by the LEF and the Ladue Horton Watkins High School Parent Association, provided technology and funds to establish a Classics Resource Center for use by students of Classics and other subject areas.

Eye See Me Library Diversification
Classroom libraries for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students across the district now have a selection of books that feature characters and story lines that reflect the cultures of students of color.

Green Team
Thanks to the Green Team, a student-driven project, students at Ladue Middle School grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in interior and exterior garden areas. One “dream plan” is to expand the garden areas to support a schoolwide compositing site.

Knitting for Dr. King Day
Loom knitting is teaching fourth grade students both the art of knitting and the value of community service. Students’ final projects are donated to area nursing homes as part of the Dr. King Service Project.   

Ladue High School Art Gallery
This grant made possible a teaching gallery at LHWHS that showcases visual arts in the district and in the community.

Laptops for Learning
“Laptops for Learning” provides technology that enables students to access course materials from home while giving parents a tool they can use to support their students’ school success.

Laptops for Learning Supplements
Computer carts and charging stations supplement new computer purchases.

Learning with Legos
MoreToMath Lego kits are new tools in all K-4 classrooms that provide structured, inquiry-based, real-world, problem-based learning connecting all four STEM subjects.

Making Math Matter
Making Math Matter brings Greg Tang Jr.―a respected math educator, speaker, writer and online game developer―to four elementary schools to provide fresh, exciting perspectives on teaching and learning math. This grant was funded jointly by the LEF, the Ladue School District and parent-teacher associations at Conway, Old Bonhomme, Reed and Spoede Elementary Schools.

Manikens - Anatomy in Clay
The Anatomy in Clay system deepens student understanding of anatomy and physiology through clay sculpture. The system is used in Anatomy & Physiology and Biology classes.

Microscopes for LHWHS
Ken-A-Vision Core Scopes have advanced lenses that allow students to share digital photos, take real-time video, and receive identification help. The state-of-the art equipment enables students to become familiar with scenarios they could encounter in future studies and careers.

Mobile Science Lab Carts
Carts designed for each of the four elementary schools are designed to provide teachers with the proper equipment required to conduct scientific investigations. The carts are equipped with everything needed to make a typical elementary classroom capable of conducting inquiry-based labs, thus allowing teachers more time to focus on creative, engaging science activities for students.

Musical Instruments
The purchase of loaner instruments for the district ensures that all interested students can join the band or orchestra, regardless of family circumstances.

National English Honor Society
Ladue High School’s chapter of the National English Honor Society connects students with a network of readers and writers who seek to develop their talent and passion for language and literature. The chapter plans activities throughout the year that engage them with this community, nationally and locally.

Pedal Bikes in the Library
Students who learn written material best when they can combine reading with physical movement are benefiting from floor-pedal exercisers that have been installed in the library. 

Reading and Literacy in Spanish
A robust library of Spanish-language books and magazines on a wide variety of topics and at all reading levels offers students appropriate, personally meaningful reading materials to help them build fluency in the language.  

Two-day Clinic with Composer William Owens
Working with composer William Owens offered Ladue Schools band students in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades an opportunity to engage in real-world dialogue about composition and the music that they perform.

Robotics FIRST Competition
The LHWHS robotics team is a student-driven organization that promotes hands-on STEM learning among high school students and values teamwork, determination, and education. The team participates in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition, in which students design, build, and program a robot within a six-week build season. 

Weather Station
The station gathers data for use by the Earth Science courses. It helps determine ideal growing conditions (rainfall, wind patterns, temperature, etc.)for the new greenhouse and green roof at the renovated high school.


Alumni Partnership with Patrick Henry Downtown Academy
In addition to donating toward the renovation of LHWHS in honor of their 50th reunion, members of the Ladue Horton Watkins High School Class of 1966 raised funds to provide laptop computers to Patrick Henry Downtown Academy in the St. Louis Public School District. The LEF applauds the decision of this LHWHS class to broaden the scope of our efforts beyond the Ladue School District’s boundaries.

Arianna String Quartet Mentoring
LHWHS’s orchestra classes are benefiting from the mentorship of the accomplished Arianna String Quartet. The group is visiting classes to work with the students on advanced pieces of music and share their experiences as professional performing musicians. The grant also supports student attendance at one of the quartet’s concerts.

Brain Dissection Lab at SLU
This pilot program allows for AP Psychology students to take part in a guided sheep brain dissection at Saint Louis University.

At the Fifth Grade Center, Green Team leaders are composting in the cafeteria to reduce waste, learn more about composting, and support a sustainable school and community environment.

Eagles Stepping to Success
Eagles Stepping to Success is a universal social skills program being piloted to K–2 students at Old Bonhomme Elementary and K–1 students at Reed Elementary. The program focuses on empathy, emotion management, and problem solving.
Eclipse Eyewear Eclipse glasses were purchased for all staff and for students
pre-K–12, so they could safely observe all phases of the total eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017, and experience the coast-to-coast excitement created by this major scientific event.

Eclipse Eyewear
Eclipse glasses were purchased for all staff and for students, preK-12, so they could safely observe all phases of the total eclipse on August 21, 2017, and experience the coast-to-coast excitement created by this major scientific event. 

Google Expeditions
The Ladue Middle School staff utilizes a Google Expeditions kit, which uses Google’s vast library of resources, such as Google Earth and Google Street View, to make virtual reality panoramas and 3D images, annotated with details, points of interest, and questions that make them easy to integrate into school curricula.

Green Schools Initiative (Year 3)
Through this program, a part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s primary initiative, Ladue Middle School students engage in conversations about green initiatives with key decision-makers and learn about the tools and resources that help make green schools possible.

Mini PCR Beta Test
Thanks to this grant, Ladue Horton Watkins High School students will have field-grade biotech equipment for hands-on work on the Plant DNA Barcode Project within the Deer Creek Watershed. Beyond learning about how to better manage and maintain our floodplain, students will gain skills to apply when the LHWHS greenhouse is built.

Refurbishment of French Horns
Students in the schools’ orchestras, as well as the audiences attending their performances, are benefiting from the refurbishment of the entire collection of French horns.

Screenagers Screening
The documentary film Screenagers—which explores family life and parental struggles with their children’s use of technology—was presented at LHWHS in collaboration with the LHWHS Parent Association, LMS Parent Association, and Ladue West Parent Association. The screening was followed by a discussion with a panel of experts in education and psychology.

Self-Expression Through Play
With play so critical for children’s growth, development, and communication skills, LEF awarded a grant for the purchase of play materials and the creation of an area in the Ladue Early Childhood Center where counselors can promote self-expression
and development through play. 

Speaking Engagement with Julie Lythcott-Haims
Julie Lythcott-Haims, bestselling author of How to Raise an Adult, draws on her research for her book and on her insights as a mother and as a student dean to highlight the negative effects of overprinting. Co-sponsors of the dynamic presentation and discussion was were John Burroughs School, Priory, Whitfield, along with the LHWHS Parent Association and the LMS Parent Association.

STEM Learning Library
The STEM Learning Library allows teachers to augment their classroom teaching
with activities, learning opportunities, and specialized equipment. The scalable activities support learning for students at every grade level, without the need for expensive building- specific equipment or extensive planning by teachers.

STEM Scouts (Year 2)
STEM Scouts—a national pilot program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) focuses on developing skills in leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and communication—combines hands-on activities, field trips, and interaction with STEM professionals to teach students academic concepts while they have fun and make friends. The LEF is proud to partner with the BSA and the Ladue School District’s STEM Coordinator Dr. Kevin McColgan, to bring this pilot program to our schools.

Tower Garden Growing System
This indoor growing system in the cafeteria of the Ladue Early Childhood Center is an extension of the LECC garden that was funded by the LEF in 2012-13. The Tower Garden enables preschoolers to continue learning during the winter about the stages of produce—from seedling to harvest.

Wells Fargo Grant for Musical Instruments
The Wells Fargo grant helps to ensure that students, grades 4–12, who wish to rent a musical instrument to participate in the music program, can do so regardless of their families’ financial circumstances.


Backyard Brains
The Backyard Brains grant provides hands-on experience learning about neuroscience by funding two Muscle Spiker Boxes, which record and display electrical impulses of muscles at rest and during contraction with an electromyogram (EMG), along with a human-to-human interface. The device will be shared between sixth grade Idea Lab students, PE classes at LMS, and AP Psychology classes at LHWHS. 

Bringing Literacy into the Home
Books collected and purchased help create home libraries for low-income families at the LECC, improving literacy in multiple communities, including those where English is not the primary language. In addition, meetings are arranged, with interpreters if necessary, to discuss the importance of reading at home. The goal is to improve literacy.

Chromebook Computers
25 Chromebooks for the eighth-grade math department at LMS, including management licenses, are provided by the generous support of Cate and Dean Small.

Code Red Club
The first LEF grant awarded to a student led project, this funds a coding club at LMS. The purpose of the club is to increase student interest in technology and coding while teaching them how to code using Code Red curriculum.

Creation Station
The LEF grant, in combination with a grant from Boeing, funds a Creation Station at Reed School. Students propose a plan, generate a concept or idea, and then construct a model of their design.

Discovery Ed
The LEF is proud to collaborate with the Ladue School District to bring the Ladue STEM Leader Corps to our schools as part of the district’s partnership with Discovery Education. Ladue STEM Leader Corps is a four-year commitment to professional learning and leadership intentionally designed to build and sustain a culture of STEM teaching and learning throughout the district. Twenty-five teachers from different grade levels and subject areas (not just math and science) will take part in high-quality professional development, classroom coaching, and cross-curricular collaboration. As capacity is built, teachers will work with colleagues to transform, experience and implement new STEM-based educational practices.

Drumming for Diversity
A REMO World Drumming 16-Piece Tubano Package was purchased and can be shared by the elementary schools to provide opportunities to participate in multicultural music experiences while improvising and composing with rhythms.

Giant Chess Set
The giant chess set at Spoede School, provided by the generous support of Sherry and Danny Wolk, enables students to play chess and increase higher level thinking skills, advance math and strategy skills, and build self-confidence.

HP LaserJet Printer
The purchase of an HP LaserJet Printer for Project Lead the Way engineering classes at LHWHS was made possible by funding from Cate and Dean Small. The printer provides engineering students with the ability to make high-quality, professional presentation materials and to properly document their work in their engineering notebooks.

Increasing Teacher Effectiveness Using Video-Enhanced Peer Coaching
Teachers at LHWHS have the opportunity to increase their effectiveness, impacting the quality of instruction, by using a Swivl device along with an iPad to video tape themselves while teaching. Recordings can be used for peer coaching and reflection.

Innovative Learning Spaces
Teaching and learning are thought to be more successful in a collaborative environment. This grant provides moveable furniture along with whiteboards, which creates a collaborative environment for a high school math class. The feedback on the success of this pilot grant will be helpful in the renovation of the high school.

Journey Into The Unseen Micro World
This pilot program establishes the use of twelve microscopes with a cart to allow students to see the microscopic world, helping to excite them about science. The microscopes can be used by every classroom teacher in the school for specific science strands, reaching all children. This grant was partially made possible by the generous support of Wells Fargo Advisors’ WFA Gives 2015.

Math Textbooks
New textbooks for the LHWHS math department are provided by a generous grant from Cate and Dean Small.

Music Teacher Wish List
As a result ofsponsorships and donations made to our Annual Spring Event, Rhythm & Hues, over $36,000 in musical instruments, equipment and programming for all Ladue Schools was funded in April and May of 2016



New musical instruments, including Sousaphones, Brazilian Surdos, Taiko Drums, Bass, King Baritone Horns, Mallets, Xylophones, a Pearl Concert Tom Set and a Metallophone Set.

Support Materials

Support materials for music classrooms, including lights, stands, song card sets, dry erase boards, folders, crates and expansion of music and video libraries.


Audio systems, computer workstations, blue-tooth speakers, iPods and amplifiers for use in music lessons, classroom projects, parades and assemblies.


Guest clinician orchestral instruction and field trips to musical performances.

Osmos Oh We Want Osmos
The Osmo is a learner-led system used with an iPad that allows users to draw, build confidence in creative productions, increase creativity, expand on fine motor skills and use visual, special abilities and nonverbal reasoning. This grant provides an Osmo for each art pod in the Fifth Grade Center art classroom, to which all students can be exposed.

Pedal Your Way to Success
A set of portable and silent pedal bikes enables Reed students to be more engaged and energized while moving. Students can pedal during regular classroom activities, helping them to focus.

Physics Probes
A generous grant from the Intermec Foundation provides PASCO wireless science probeware for LHWHS. These state-of-the art probes are used for measuring temperature, pressure, current, conductivity, and many other crucial variables.

Stand Up for Learning
Research has shown that our brains function more optimally when the body is engaged. Therefore, teachers from different schools and grades will be piloting the use of several types of standing desks and tables. This pilot will give the teachers and the administration the needed data about which desks work best for our student body.

STEM Scouts
STEM Scouts is a national pilot program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) focused on fun ways for girls and boys, grades three through twelve, to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). STEM Scouts encourages the natural curiosity of young minds as they develop skills in leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Using hands-on activities, field trips, and interaction with STEM professionals, youth expand their knowledge of academic concepts while they have fun and make friends. The LEF is proud to partner with the BSA and Ladue School District STEM Coordinator, Dr. Kevin McColgan, to bring this pilot program to our schools.

T.H.E. P.A.C.T. is a research-based, 4-step teaching framework. It has been used to bridge the gap between general education and special education. It provides teachers with a blueprint for universal design for learning that can be aligned with the common core. This framework systemizes instruction for the teacher and student.


A rocket launch program will now be the conclusion of the eighth grade science unit on forces and motion. Students will actively participate and see scientific principles at work, including how the acceleration of a moving object is affected by its mass and the amount of net force applied.

The Megan Meier Foundation
The LEF will partner with the Ladue Middle School Parent Association to fund a presentation about Megan Meier who committed suicide after being cyber-bullied. Through this moving presentation, students will become more familiar with the dangers of bullying and cyber-bullying as well as develop traits of integrity, responsibility and empathetic understanding.

Problem Rewrite Night
Local high school math teachers, and possibly some university professors, will be invited to Ladue for a “problem rewrite night.” Teachers will submit problems to be rewritten, with the aim of making each math problem a more authentic task, including higher rigor, and possibly engaging the use of technology. Ultimately, the goal is to create a database of problems of higher difficulty, upon which teachers can draw.

Computers & Character
The LEF will supply the Ladue Early Childhood Center with a SMART Board to determine the effectiveness of this interactive learning technology as an instructional tool for the district’s youngest students.

Advanced Physics Tutorial
Tools purchased for this grant allow teachers and students to create online videos of physics concepts and problems, offering substantially greater support to our physics students at all levels.

Genius Hour
Modeled after a program at Google, Genius Hour allows students to research and ultimately report on topics about which they are passionate. The grant award helps provide supplies and the Ladue Education Foundation will help provide real-world content experts to meet with young researchers.

SORTing It Out In Ladue at OB
This project helps students, staff and parents learn about personal identity, belonging, acceptance and self worth. The project includes pre-activities, a play about acceptance and post-activities that complement the district’s character education programming.

The Mobile Modern and Classical Languages Library
This project provides tools and experiences to help students master foreign languages. The project focuses on reading, summarization and storytelling using a mobile library, technology and effective strategies. Ladue Middle School students and local businesses are engaged to make connections in real life.

3D Printer
The grant for a Makerbot 3D Printer for LHWHS is made possible in part by the generosity of the Class of 1960. Unlike a traditional subtractive manufacturing process in which an object is carved out of a piece of material, 3D printing is an additive process in which an object is built over time by stacking layers of material directly on top of each other. 3D printers are used in classrooms to enhance and reinforce STEAM and design skills, presenting real-world challenges to students and engaging them with a hands-on approach to problem solving.

TI-Navigator System Expansion
The TI-Navigator System is highly engaging, cutting-edge math technology. The system creates a wireless classroom network of TI-Nspire CX handheld calculators, helping teachers break down barriers to student success and allowing for greater student/ teacher communication and interaction. The system impacts every math student at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, as well as many Algebra students at Ladue Middle School.

Color Laser Printer
Color laser printer will be used by students at Ladue Middle School to print reference photos in color to create art projects.

Amoco Clay Rollers
Clay rollers will be used at Old Bonhomme Elementary to emboss, texture, and print into clay slabs.

Twelve 16-inch Wooden Drawing Mannequins
Artists use mannequins for drawing the human figure. Students will learn how to draw correct body proportions.

Three Visiting Artists
LHWHS will invite artists to work with our students by having the artist give a lecture and a demonstration.

Ceramic Kiln Shelves
These kiln shelves will be used at LHWHS in the electric kilns during the ceramic firing process.

Nitride Bond Carbide Kiln Shelves
These new kiln shelves (lightweight and high fire) will be used to replace older, cracked carbide shelves in the kiln at LHWHS.

Pyrometer and Sleeve
The pyrometer and sleeve will be used to measure temperature in the kilns used for the LHWHS ceramics program.

Public Art Pieces for the Fifth Grade Center
Materials will be purchased to create larger, grand scale type of sculptures, murals and mosaics to be installed at the FGC.

Four iPad Minis plus Apple Care
Having iPads in the art classroom will allow students to explore and plan art projects before building, drawing or painting.

Gelli Printing Plates
Conway students will use Gelli plates to experience the printmaking process.

Pixma Pro-1 Printer
The printer will be used by photography students at LHWHS for printing color on photography paper.

Green Building Project
Through a partnership with R.E.A. Homes, high school students are able to visit the active construction site of a green home as it is being built.

Podium for Performing Arts Center
This podium for the Performing Arts Center at LHWHS is used for public speaking, school presentations, and as a lectern.

Fifth Grade Center Library
The new Fifth Grade Center, also known as the Ladue West Campus, received a grant from the LEF to provide initial set-up funds for its establishment.

Green Schools Initiative (Continuation from 2013-14)
For the past two years, the Missouri Botanical Garden has partnered with the LEF to help Ladue Middle School students find ways to make the school more sustainable. 350 seventh grade students have participated in the Green Schools Program, performing energy and waste audits of the LMS facilities and developing action projects that used the data to improve the school’s environmental impact. With the help of teachers such as Colleen Diebel, students implemented projects like planning a pollinator garden, pairing recycling bins with every trash can in the building, creating new signage around the building to encourage energy conservation and recycling procedures, and gaining permission for a schoolwide composting program.

A part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s primary initiative, this program accelerates the transformation of schools and campuses by involving students in conversations with key decision-makers, collaborating with education and environmental associations, and utilizing the tools and resources that help make green schools possible.

Got GPS? Geo Cache
This program provides GPS devices for Ladue Middle School to use in enrichment activities. The Geo Cache lessons allow students to gain knowledge of technological tools, find exact location using longitude and latitude, learn historical facts, find caches, create caches, and share new knowledge.


TI-Navigator System Expansion

The TI-Navigator System is highly engaging, cutting-edge math technology. The system creates a wireless classroom network of TI-Nspire CX handheld calculators, helping teachers break down barriers to student success and allowing for greater student/ teacher communication and interaction. The system impacts every math student at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, as well as many Algebra students at Ladue Middle School.

Solar Powered Cars with Gears

Through this program, Ladue Middle School “Build a Lot” students learn how solar energy is turned into electricity. By adding a gear component, design and math concepts are presented so that a single concept becomes a multi-disciplinary, inquiry-based unit.

Recess: Real World Learning

This opportunity at Old Bonhomme Elementary expands the creative opportunities students have at recess by providing them with a stimulating variety of “loose parts” to be kept in a child-accessible storage facility.

My Summer Reading Life

This pilot program funded by the LEF aims to match struggling readers and students who have limited access to reading material with appropriate and interesting books. These readers are partnered with teachers who engage, motivate and celebrate with them as they read to help prevent the “summer slip.”

3D Printer

With the generous help of Mako3D, LEF purchased a 3D printer for the Project Lead the Way program at LHWHS that allows staff to provide professional resources and experience for our students.

FGC Producing Products to Sell

The Fifth Grade Center uses a thermal imager to create screens for silk screening and a professional button press during art classes, Intervention/Enrichment Block courses and for extracurricular clubs. This project incorporates technology programs where students design products and learn skills in technology, design and business.

Got GPS? Geo Cache

This program provides GPS devices (that were successfully piloted at Spoede Elementary School) for Conway, Reed, and Old Bonhomme Elementary Schools to use in enrichment activities.

Ladue Explorers

This program provides a fun and supportive atmosphere in which children can build and improve friendships, explore ways to cooperate in a group, solve problems in a positive manner, while celebrating and appreciating each child’s personal strengths.

Green Schools Initiative

A part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s primary initiative, this program accelerates the transformation of schools and campuses by involving students in conversations with key decision-makers, arranging collaborations with education and environmental associations, and utilizing tools and resources that help make schools “green”.


Mandarin Chinese Expansion

The Mandarin Chinese pilot program was a success; therefore, the Ladue Education Foundation approved this grant request for the creation of course materials for 2 additional semesters of Mandarin Chinese at Reed Elementary School, including training and mentoring time for additional teachers.

LHWHS Business Plan Competition

Students in the marketing and business courses at LHWHS had the opportunity to work with community and business leaders to develop business plans. Modeled after the Skandalaris Center at Washington University, the final documents were critiqued and judged, with scholarships being awarded to the winning business plans.

TI-Navigator System

Two portable, wireless classrooms at LHWHS were created using the latest in calculator technology. The calculators are interactive and allow students to manipulate numbers, points, lines and functions while teachers monitor their students’ success.

Reed TV

Reed Elementary School created a school-wide broadcasting program, allowing students to improve writing, public speaking, technology and media skills.


A state-of-the-art weather station, installed on the top of Ladue Middle School, creates real-time weather data to involve every member of the Ladue Schools community in the development of STEM skills.

Ladue Early Childhood Center Garden

This project provides a hands-on learning tool for preschoolers and an opportunity to partner with fifth-grade students on outdoor gardening projects.

JA Finance Park (Continuation from previous year)

This program is an extraordinary learning opportunity that offers students an experiential education in business economics, personal financial management, and career exploration through classroom instruction and active participation in a simulated community. Students face the challenges of making adult decisions, such as how to pay bills and manage their money for a family.

CogMed Expansion

This grant was an expansion of an existing CogMed online memory program, aimed at assisting students who exhibit deficits in their executive functioning.

Acellus AP Calculus

This program provides online practice to help students prepare for Advanced Placement (AP) exams through question-and-answer practice and online videos that help with problem areas.


HS Robotics

Thanks to the Foundation’s seed funding and the dedication of teachers and administrators, Robotics is now offered at the grade school and middle school levels, and this grant ensures that the Robotics program will be incorporated into the existing high school program to improve 21st century STEM experiences.

Mandarin Chinese

Second graders participate in a 12-week pilot Mandarin Chinese after-school program, designed to introduce and explore the Chinese language and its culture.

CogMed Memory Program

CogMed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. In this program, cognitive neuroscience is combined with innovative computer game design to enhance and/or increase students’ working memory skills while improving focus in the classroom.

JA Finance Park Simulation

This program is an extraordinary learning opportunity that offers students an experiential education in business economics, personal financial management, and career exploration through classroom instruction and active participation in a simulated community. Students face the challenges of making adult decisions, such as how to pay bills and manage their money for a family.

Cycle of Success

This program coordinates extracurricular interventions that promote the achievement of all students at Ladue Horton Watkins High School (with a primary focus on the African-American student population).


Robotics Curriculum – What NXT?

All Ladue Middle School sixth-graders are being offered robotics as part of their exploratory curriculum. This is an extension of an original pilot robotics grant that began at the grade-school level, which now impacts more than 1,000 students in the critical areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Narrowing the Achievement Gap with iPads

A pilot program at Spoede Elementary School provided a select group of students (without computer access in their homes) access to an iPad, giving them the ability to complete and submit homework, do Internet research, check teachers’ websites for assignments and much more from home. The hope is to expand the educational opportunities of students and families who don’t have access to technology at home.

STRIDE (Students Taking Rigorous Instruction Developing Exceptionally) 

Headed by retired LHWHS social studies teacher Rob Good, this pilot program provided academic, social and college exploration support to African-American sophomores.

Link Crew Basic Training

Link is the high school’s successful freshman orientation and mentoring program. This grant provided funds to expand this effort by providing resources to train two additional faculty members. This helped strengthen the advisory efforts of this program. A regional training program for Link was held at the Ladue Horton Watkins High School.

Moving and Learning Lab

Old Bonhomme Elementary received a grant to create a mobile Moving and Learning Lab, providing valuable opportunities for students to combine getting their bodies physically active while keeping their minds academically active.

In addition to faculty grants, in 2010-2011, LEF continued the Speakers’ Series.


Truman Library – International Relations (continuation)

Students were provided the opportunity to take a field trip to the Harry S. Truman Library for a foreign policy simulation on international relations.

Reed/Patrick Henry Diversity Partnership (continuation)

This grant continued the joint collaboration with Patrick Henry Elementary School through an author visit, book study and musical theater workshops to bring students from two divergent groups together to promote community-building.

S’Cool Tools Robotics

S’Cool Tools Robotics provided students with STEM instruction in and outside of the classroom by taking students into the technological world of Robotics. VIEW VIDEO

Building Literacy

Staff members were trained to be literacy coaches, where they learned best practices in literary instruction.

Parent University

The Ladue Education Foundation provided underwriting for a district-wide “Parent University” event, focusing on a variety of topics relevant for parents of children in kindergarten through twelfth.

Science 2.0: Heat It Up

Hardware and other materials used to collect data for science inquiry were purchased in order to help integrate technology at a new level.

Teaching Reading Skills

LEF provided two days of professional development for three Ladue District teachers, who were trained in the learning styles and instructional strategies of Silver, Strong and Associates. The ultimate goal was to help achieve deeper reading comprehension and higher-thinking levels in our students by helping teachers deliver specific, direct and effective instruction in research-based strategies.

GPS Orienteering

The GPS devices were purchased for geocaching at Spoede Elementary, which helped to integrate science, mathematics, outdoor education and physical education, as well teach students about partnership and teamwork.

In addition to faculty grants, in 2009-2010 LEF also developed a Speakers’ Series, as well as community partnership programs with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and Monsanto.


Reed/Patrick Henry Diversity Partnership (continuation)
The Reed/Patrick Henry Diversity project from 2007-2008 was continued with this grant.

Art in the Limelight (continuation)

This grant continued the 2007-2008 efforts to bring the best of available community and national arts into the lives of our students with the Art in the Limelight Festival.

Truman Library – International Relations

Students were provided the opportunity to take a field trip to the Harry S. Truman Library for a foreign policy simulation on international relations.

LMS Math Achievement Initiative

In order to increase math achievement and understanding for students who were performing below grade level, college tutors were hired to provide math support.

Reed’s Outstanding BOTS (ROBOTS)

Two Reed gifted specialists attended a 5-day course “Teaching Robotics using LEGO Mindstorms Robotics” at Carnegie Mellon University to advance Reed’s robotics programs.

Leveled Literacy Intervention

Fountas and Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervention materials were purchased in order to develop highly skilled reading teachers and independent, successful readers in kindergarten through second.

LECC Care Team Professional Development

Professional development was funded for a Care Team to provide teachers with necessary strategies, resources, assessments and feedback to help with individual student challenges.

Listen UP! Conway Digital Bookshelf

Audiobooks were purchased for the Conway library to improve reading performance through technology, enabling struggling readers to participate in grade-level literary experiences, build positive attitudes toward literature for reluctant readers and enable auditory learners to enjoy literature in their preferred learning style.

Digital Voice Recorders for Spanish

Digital voice recorders were purchased to use in activities to improve oral proficiency in elementary Spanish students.

Technology in PE

Three g-force bikes were purchased to enhance student workouts at Ladue Middle School; they provided 13 custom workout programs, including heart rate training.

Strengthening Reading Skills

The goal of this program was to help increase student reading skills through use of the computer-based Reading Plus Program that individualizes fluency, tracking, vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Art in the Limelight

The Art in the Limelight festival provided students with experiences in visual and communication arts, music and drama.

Geo Fitness Mats

LEF enhanced education curriculum by providing GeoMats, which helped students recognize the components of “skills-related fitness” such as agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, speed and power.

School Tube Video

This project created a teacher-moderated, video hosting website for the Ladue Schools community to share and upload student and district based videos.

Discovery Education Science

This project allowed science teachers to target student misconceptions and instruct through technology with the Discovery Education Science Connection formative assessment science education tool.

LMS Battle of the Books

An incentive-based reading program including a small peer book talk, plus a book battle competition, was piloted with this grant.

On the B.A.L.L.

Ball chairs were introduced in six classrooms, providing “active sitting” to enhance attention, focus and concentration and promote learning through movement in the classroom.

Reed/Patrick Henry Diversity Partnership

Reed Elementary School and Patrick Henry Elementary School partnered to bring student groups together to promote community-building and mutual understanding with character education, music and outdoor learning.

Study Island Before/After School Programming

Study Island software licenses were purchased to help students who needed reinforcement in math and reading in a before/after school setting.