William A. Heyde III Endowment

Honoring Bill Heyde

Bill Heyde was a special friend, mentor, coach, and teacher. Mr. Heyde provided a great many Ladue High School students with inspiration, knowledge and skills that shaped their lives.

A group of alumni is committed to preserving the memory and legacy of Mr. Heyde’s outstanding qualities: generosity to students, love of literature, analytical writing, speech and debate and the doggedness to instill in his students clear thinking and writing at the highest level.

To this end we have established the William A. Heyde III Endowment, a fund that will operate in perpetuity to support efforts that reflect Mr. Heyde's passions. This endowed fund will honor his legacy in these ways:

1.)   Enhance the speech and debate tournament hosted at Ladue High School. We will rename the tournament after Mr. Heyde as a tribute to his leadership. Added funding will allow us to attract more participants and more seasoned judges to raise the prestige of the tournament to become one of the premier events in high school debate.

2.)   Develop debate team skills beyond the training offered by Ladue itself by funding an honorarium that brings top speech and debate coaches to Ladue High School.

3.)   Provide need-based subsidies for students to travel and pay fees for speech and debate. This will encourage a diverse mix of students who otherwise could not afford to fully participate.

4.)   Provide a stipend to an existing English Department award, named after Mr. Heyde, to encourage and recognize outstanding writing.

The Ladue Education Foundation (LEF) has assumed fiduciary responsibility to manage the fund for long-term impact. The speech and debate coach will submit an annual budget, approved by the LEF, to ensure the maximum leverage of the fund.

To donate now, you may:

a. Make a donation here. (Note “William A. Heyde III Endowment Fund” as the special initiative.)

b. Mail a check payable to “Ladue Education Foundation” to 9703 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO, 63124. Note “William A. Heyde III Endowment Fund” on the check.

c. Make a donation of appreciated stock. To make arrangements, contact Kristen Wild at kristenwild@laduefoundation.org or 314-983-5334.

We hope you will join us in honoring Mr. Heyde through your participation. Thank you for your consideration!

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