Get to Know Gabriela Burian

Gabriela Burian, Business and Community Partnerships Chair for the LEF, has lived in Ladue since she and her family moved here from Brazil five years ago. Gabriela and her husband, Eric, chose Ladue on the advice of friends because of the great public schools. Gabriela credits the Ladue School District community as being her first “family” in the USA.

“We arrived from Brazil with a seven-year-old son (Artur) and an eleven-year-old daughter (Alice). My son at this time did not speak English,” Gabriela says. “They both received the best support available from the teachers, including English as a Second Language.” With this impressive support, both kids are excelling, feeling at home with friends, have joined many clubs and have been invited to become honor society members.

Gabriela was inspired to join the LEF as a way to give back. “From teachers and parents, we learned about the importance of the Ladue Education Foundation in supporting the district.”

The transition to Missouri wasn’t completely smooth, however. As Gabriela explains, “We moved from Brazil to St. Louis in a sunny August, and our first decision, as a family, was to always bike from home to work and/or school, since it's more sustainable and better for health, too. But that first winter taught us the hard way that we were not prepared to face biking in the snow,” Gabriela laughs.

Gabriela is the global director for Sustainable Agriculture at Monsanto, responsible for key global partnerships helping farmers to ensure food for all, while conserving more. “As a mother I know how important this vision and our work are for my children,” Gabriela says.

She feels she has found a great fit in Ladue, which she describes as “an inclusive and diverse community, with the same vision: Together we can have better performance, happier children and a more sustainable journey.”