Sponsors & Partners

The work of the LEF depends on the generosity of our sponsors and partners. Your gift to the LEF is crucial to sustain and fund critical initiatives that would otherwise not be possible. Your donations ensure our children will get the educational opportunities they deserve, and our community will have the future leadership it needs.

Through innovative educational programs and partnerships, we give our students exceptional learning opportunities that cannot be achieved with traditional school district funding alone. Our programs impact all schools and every grade level, and include diverse disciplines such as engineering, fine art, robotics, and foreign languages.

As the only districtwide fundraising entity for the Ladue School District, the Ladue Education Foundation is uniquely situated to partner with district leaders and educators to secure the additional resources needed to meet its strategic vision and provide world- class learning opportunities for our children. This vision can only be realized with the active engagement of the entire community through financial and volunteer resources. As a supporter of educational excellence, we invite you to join us in building something big for our community.

Your investment in the Foundation has the power to create a myriad of opportunities that can help our community educate thousands of future scholars, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, citizens and leaders for the 21st century. The time is now to learn more, get involved and be a part of changing the lives of the children who will lead our community and nation into future prosperity.