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Above . Beyond . Build


Ladue Education Foundation Capital Campaign partnership with Ladue School District

Thank you to our donors!  
We have reached our fundraising goal.

restroom rendering2 (2)_edited.jpg

Thanks to our many donors, we have reached our fundraising goal.  The West Campus Plaza, to be located near the athletic fields behind the fifth grade center, is slated to become a reality in Spring 2024. This partnership project with the Ladue School District is an example of how we together, can go Above and Beyond for students, staff and the community.

What does the proposed West Campus Plaza plan include?

  • Permanent restrooms 

  • Covered area with permanent seating

  • Vending machine(s)

  • Drinking fountain/water bottle filler

  • Donor Recognition Plaque

  • Coaches Corner Recognition Plaque

Why is this needed?

The Ladue West Campus has grown to include the Ladue Early Childhood Center (LECC), Fifth Grade Center (FGC) and is home to several athletic fields used by our students and community.  Recently, the soccer field was named after Ladue alumna Becky Sauerbrunn.  The back portion of the West Campus is utilized for PE and play for LECC and FGC students and is the site of high school athletic practices and competitions that draw many community members.   


The district has invested in the back campus, as you can tell from the turf fields and banners showing Ladue pride.  The one ESSENTIAL yet missing piece to this campus is a permanent plaza (with restrooms).  Currently, there are portable toilets in place with nowhere to get water, wash hands or get out of the elements.  The addition of the West Campus Plaza is not just a want but a current need.

Why now?

Although building a West Campus Plaza type facility is in the district facilities long term plan, it is not scheduled to be built for at least five years.  The West Campus Plaza would provide basic needs for all who utilize the back campus and give a feeling of completion to the West Campus as a whole.  If the necessary funds are raised by the end of this school year, the build can be fast-tracked with an estimated completion by October 2023.

How much money is needed?

The total amount needed is $550,000.  The Ladue School District is contributing $200,000 and the LEF plans to raise the remaining $350,000, WITH YOUR HELP.

High School Teams that would utilize the West Campus Plaza:

Fall Season:

  • Field Hockey

  • Soccer (Boys)

  • Softball

  • Tennis (Girls)

Spring Season:

  • Baseball

  • Lacrosse (Girls)

  • Soccer (Girls)

  • Tennis (Boys)

The West Campus Fields are rented through our facility usage policy providing additional visibility during outside organization events.

Honor a beloved coach!
Add a coach to the Coach's Corner


    • For $5,000, honor a coach by having the coach’s name put on two Coach’s Corner plaques that will be mounted on the wall in the covered portion of the West Campus Plaza and on a wall near the Nielson gym.  Click HERE for more information.

See below for a rendering of the Donor and Coach's Corner plaque.  

Note:  Size of name plaques may vary depending on the number of donors.


EMAIL Julie Maise Ferrie ‘72 for more information on donations, group gifts, and coach tributes.

Donor Plaque Renderings

Donor wall rendering_edited.jpg
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