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About the Ladue School District

  • The Ladue School District comprises all or part of 10 self-governed communities in St. Louis County and encompasses approximately 19 square miles with a population of more than 27,000 residents. Currently, only 23% of district residents have students currently attending at least one of our schools.

  • The Ladue School District is comprised of an early childhood center, four K-4 elementary schools, a Fifth Grade Center, a middle school, and a high school. More than 4,000 students attend our schools, and approximately 900 students receive services through the Ladue Early Childhood Center through programs such as Parents As Teachers, Parents and Children Together, and preschool classes.

  • The student body is socio-economically diverse with a graduation rate consistently exceeding 90 percent with 86% of 2021 graduates continuing on to college.

  • On the official 2021 Missouri “Count Day,” the district’s total enrollment was 4,167.

  • The district is enriched by a diverse student population: 55.58% White, 16.97% Asian, 14.5% Black, 7.76% Multiracial, 4.95% Hispanic, and 0.22% American Indian or Alaska Native.

  • A complete renovation of Ladue Horton Watkins High School (LHWHS) concluded in 2018, with final touches put on the Nielson Gym and new stadium complex over the summer, allowing high school teams to play under the lights on their home field for the first time in school history. The project was funded through an $85.1 million bond referendum passed in April 2016.

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