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LEF Fundraising Policies

The Ladue School District cannot rely on public funding to meet all its students’ needs. Therefore, in order to help the District meet these needs, LEF raises money from private sources.

Following the best practices in the nonprofit industry, the LEF has developed operating policies on how donations are to be managed, administered, and distributed.  To review a copy of the Operating Policy approved by the LEF Board of Directors, click here.

Administrative Fee Program

According to the Operating Policy, LEF will implement an Administrative Fee Program, effective January 1, 2020.  The Program helps defray the administrative costs that LEF incurs when it procures a private restricted donation.

As part of the Program, a gift assessment fee is charged with regard to certain donations, including:

  • funds received to create an endowment, 

  • funds received as a part of a planned giving, 

  • funds donated to the Family Assistance Fund.  

The Program also provides for an annual endowment management fee.  

The Program does not allow for an administrative fee for donations received from fundraising events, annual fund, or monthly giving.   

Regardless, the fees paid under the Program do not affect the amount that the donor can deduct for tax purposes.  

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