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About Us




Dear Ladue Schools Community,


Since 2006, the Ladue Education Foundation has partnered with the Ladue School District to provide extraordinary opportunities for students. In 2022, as we marked 16 years of service to the district, we rebranded and added the tagline - “Above and Beyond for all Students” to bring extraordinary programs and opportunities to Ladue Schools students and staff.


Not all programs and projects can be funded through the district budget. For example, the foundation has provided seed money to establish innovative programs such as Project Lead the Way. In addition to teacher innovation grants, our partnership with the district aligns with the board of education’s strategic priorities and helps make our district the best it can be for the children and families we serve.


Please consider an “Above and Beyond” gift to support our students and teachers, and contribute to the excellence of our schools.


Julie Ferrie ‘72

Executive Director


LEF Mission

Since 2006, the Ladue Education Foundation (LEF) has supported the Ladue School District to “go above and beyond for all students”. The LEF brings together parents, alumni, teachers, staff, and community and business leaders to ensure all Ladue students have access to programs, opportunities, materials, and facilities that are beyond the district’s budget.


Our mission is to advance the excellence of the Ladue School District and enhance its legacy by expanding opportunities for student success. We join philanthropy with public education to bring together a community, provide world-class academic and enrichment programs, and promote connections for Ladue Schools alumni. 


The Ladue Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I support the LEF?

The District budget simply can not accommodate everything an excellent Ladue schools education incorporates. By supporting the LEF, you are helping Ladue schools go above and beyond for all students. 


What does the LEF do?

The LEF supports the Ladue School District in going "above and beyond for all students". We do this through incubating new initiatives & programs, providing resources and supplies, and engaging and strengthening our communities.

How is the LEF funded?

Donations from parents and neighbors, alumni and teachers, community and business leaders who keep the Ladue School District and the entire community strong by investing in our greatest resource – our children. The Ladue Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Why does a public school need a foundation?

The Ladue School District will always continue to fund the educational requirements of the state. In addition, the district goes beyond these requirements to meet the standards set forth by the district’s Strategic Plan. However, budget realities do not allow the district to fund or pilot every program that holds promise. Similarly, the parent organizations of individual school buildings play a valuable role in providing additional resources to students and staff. However, their focus is on the practical needs of their building, not on the advancement of education in the district as a whole.

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