LEF Board

The LEF board is made up of volunteers who give their time and talent to further the LEF’s mission of supporting Ladue School District students, families, staff, and the community. Our board volunteers have a wide range of career and life experiences, and that knowledge is drawn upon to help the organization reach its goals.

Ann V headshot.jpg

Ann Vonallmen


Andrea B headshot.jpg

Andrea Bezzant

Vice President

Jodi M headshot.jpg

Jodi Minkler


Amy G headshot.jpg

Amy Handleman Garland '89


Amy B headshot.jpeg

Amy Boltzman

Communications Chair

Archna C headshot.jpg

Archna Calfee

Allocations Chair

Gabriela B headshot.jpeg

Gabriela Burian

Business & Community Partnerships Chair

Emily H headshot.jpeg

Emily Haas

Russ L headshot.jpeg

Russ Lamore


Lis Little '84

Alumni Council President

Charles M headshot.jpg

Charles Mems '02

Mike M headshot.jpg

Mike Minkler '88

Gary S headshot.png

Gary Siegel '78

Kenix F headhsot.jpeg

Kenix Fong

Aaron Early headshot.jpeg

Aaron Early