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Our Impact

Since 2006 the Ladue Education Foundation has advanced the excellence of the Ladue School District by expanding opportunities for student success. We connect philanthropy with public education to build our Ladue Schools community, support impactful educational programs, and engage Ladue Schools alumni.

Impact Stories

Grants Awarded

For 17 years, LEF has gone above and beyond for all students, awarding over $1.5 million in grants.

Our grant program fosters innovation, creates meaningful change, and prepares students for the future economy.

osmo 6.jpeg

K-1 Osmos

Conway kindergarten and first grade classrooms will use the Osmo technology to teach projects revolving around coding, simple math, spelling and drawing. Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will positively impact the way children learn during independent work time. 

Spoede elementary students playing Turbano drums

Tubano Drums

The LEF is supporting Spoede Elementary’s music program by providing funding to purchase the necessary number of Tubano drums to complete a class set. With this funding, now all 4 elementary schools have Tubano drums.

students and teachers using climbing wall

Climbing Walls

Students have access to a climbing wall for physical education and extracurricular activities, thanks to a grant from the LEF to upgrade PE equipment in all district schools.

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