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Pay It Forward

Payroll Deduction

Click the PAYROLL DEDUCTION button below.  From there, you must use Adobe Reader to fill in the fields, digitally sign it, save it to your computer, and email it to Don’t forget to designate when you would like to start the deduction: immediately or the first 2022-23 payday for certified staff.

Make a One-Time Donation by Check or Credit Card

  • Feel free to post-date your check for July 1 and it will be counted toward the 2022-23 school year. Mail to: LEF, 9703 Conway Road, St. Louis, MO 63124. 

  • Donate online by clicking the button below.

For more information, contact LEF Executive Director Julie Ferrie at 983-5334 or  Thank you for all you do for Ladue!

“Pay it Forward” Program Ladue Schools Staff Contributors

2021-2022 School Year

The LEF is grateful to the Ladue School District staff members who generously “Pay it Forward,” by participating in our payroll deduction program.


Lindsey Anderson
Linda Armbruster
Hayley Arnold
Molly Beck
Hannah Behr
Evy Bickel
Mark Biernbaum
Eric Brown
Patricia Brown
Stephanie Chapie
Michael Clay
Leah Crawford
Jena Dennett
Melody Frese
James Goldwasser
Lisa Granich-Kovarik
Jamie Gray
Brian Griffin '94
Megan Grossbauer
Becca Hamm
Kathy Hasse
Julie Helm
Robert Highfill
Rachel Huelsing
Connie Jander

Dana Jeffries

Becky Jones

Brett Kelley

Susan Kelley

Angela Kelly

Jessica Kennedy

Aimee Korn

Sarah Lent

Alyson Levine

Ashley Lock

Melshonda Lowe-Dobbins

Kasey Maier

Mandy Marchant

Darcy Mares

Mary Markle

Jon Martin

Donna Matthews

Carrie McGee '03

Katie McKenna

Tegan Miller

Caitlyn Modde

Sally Monaco

Sharon Mosey

Twinda Murry

Barb Myers

Mike Noonan

Maria Page

Helen Petrofsky

Lindsey Poteet

Matt Prange

Beth Rapoff

Kristen Reando

Amy Rich

Jennifer Riesenmy

Maria Rood

Greg Schmitz

Christine Schultz

Joe Serot

Laura Shea

Kathryn Silvey

Leslee Small '66

Katie Solomon

Lisa Stein

Jenifer Strohbeck

Yvette Sykes

Mike Tarpey

Kristen Thompson

Stephanie Towe

Keaton Treece

Jeffrey Vetter

Karin Wallace

Tracy Ward

Jennifer Weber

Allen Weltig

List is current as of 5/2/22

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